Supply chain finance

Working capital solutions

Working capital liquidity is often vitally important for businesses, especially those with a long cash conversion cycle. Cash constraints can impact growth, forward planning and efficiency. We provide a range of working capital solutions for manufacturers, distributors and retailers worldwide. From procurement programmes for imported products, input goods and supplies, to customer invoice discounting, we can inject working capital into your business. This strengthens your liquidity position, your competitiveness and your supplier relationships, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

Z2 Supply Chain Finance

Providing extended supplier terms and releasing cashflow for your business

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Not a bank

We are not a bank - we assess and price risk differently, we look beyond the simple metrics of balance sheet and p&l and we invest in companies that we believe in. We are a small, responsive team offering a highly personalised and bespoke service to our customers and partners.

Proprietary technology

We work across sectors and across countries, providing intelligent and responsive working capital solutions that use proprietary technology to link buyers and suppliers. Z2's cloud-based online client portal provides transparency, security, approval workflow and ease of use, enabling Buyers to place orders for suppliers and Managers to approve orders and monitor them throughout the order life cycle.

Flexible facility

Z2's working capital facility can sit alongside your existing financing arrangements, providing additional flexibility and liquidity and providing the option to either augment, or pay down, existing corporate debt.

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