HMO funding

Specialist funding for HMOs

Funding for the purchase and renovation of HMO and multi-let properties can often be difficult to obtain.

We have plenty of experience in this field and can provide finance for developers to purchase, convert and refurbish both HMO properties and multi-lets in situations where commercial mortgages are not available - typically when the property requires significant renovation work to bring it to an appropriate standard for the letting market.

If you are looking for finance for an HMO development project, or have another project that you would like to discuss with us, please do get in touch.

Working with local developers

We will typically fund up to 70% of the costs of an HMO development and as security we will usually ask for first charge over the property, or equivalent. We do not look get involved in the development or project management decisions - once the loan is approved, we try as much as possible to adopt a hands-off approach.

We look for developers with experience in this sector, with good knowledge of the local HMO market and who understand the additional requirements for operating under an HMO license. The typical exit for our HMO developer loans has been via a refinance to a commercial mortgage. This usually takes place after completion of the development, once the license has been granted and tenants have been in place for a few months.

HMO renovations
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