Bridging Loan

Bridging facility to enable the completion of renovation works and the refinancing of an apartment block

Six refurbished apartments in Swansea, Wales
Six refurbished apartments in Swansea, Wales
Project type
Bridging Loan

Another completed loan from Z2 Partners, this time a six-month bridging facility to allow the developer to complete renovation works on a block of flats in Swansea, Wales, before refinancing us out, onto a BtL mortgage.

Z2 was approached in December 2022, with a request to provide a facility for this project. The works had been delayed when Covid regulations came into force, and so we provided a funding line to enable completion of the works and to allow rental to begin, whilst the developer was negotiating refinancing onto a Buy to Let.

We have worked with the developer on several projects previously, which were all completed successfully, and the numbers stacked up very well on this project, making it straightforward for us to get involved. As can be seen from the photos, the building was completed to a very high standard and has been fully-let from the time of completion.

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