Bridging finance

Finance to bridge a funding gap

We provide bridging loans to allow clients to address a funding gap, whether that is to allow them to refinance away from another lender whilst they look to sell a property, or to obtain funds to buy a property whilst waiting on a sale. We look to provide competitive, secured, hassle-free bridging loans to prevent a funding gap from impacting your business.

Flexible bridging finance

We provide short-term bridging loans for a variety of scenarios, including;

Title split financing; Z2 can provide a bridging loan to allow developers to re-organise and split title deeds on properties, prior to gaining commercial finance.

Buy-to-let bridging finance. Z2 can provide finance whilst you are building up a rental track record, prior to obtaining long-term commercial BTL or HMO finance.

Bridging and restructuring loans.

Short-term cash-flow financing.

Bridging finance
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